European Confederation of Professional Beauticians and Cosmeticians

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NEWS 08/03/2016

UEAPME  met the new EC Director General of Taxation and Customs Union. to exchange views on priority dossiers in the field of taxation. In this occasion  asked for a simple tax base applicable to small companies and would like to see optionality for the SMEs not doing cross-border activities. As regards the upcoming VAT Action Plan, UEAPME insisted on simplified procedures like One-Stop-Shops for cross-border delivery and standardised VAT forms. Contact: Gerhard Huemer


8th OF MARCH 2016






NEWS 08/03/ 2016

  Meeting on skin allergy testing

Tuesday 22 March 2016 a meeting  is scheduled between UEAPME Cosmetic Forum and Cosmetics Europe representatives.

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CEPEC, this year celebrates 20 years since its founding. An history of initiatives in defense of the profession and of ties and experience of enterprise among beauticians of European countries. The President Laura Grilli thanks the members and, with them, wishes a successful future of CEPEC in defense of the economic and cultural values and of the professionalism of the beauticians in Europe.


  • C.E.P.E.C. was created in March 1995 by initiative of a group of National Associations of Beauticians and the first meeting took place in Tunisia. Since then, many members has joined C.E.P.E.C. and today it is costituted by Cyprus, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Spain and UK.
  • Since its beginning, C.E.P.E.C. has been engaged in promoting better conditions for the development of the beautician enterprises at European level. For this purpose, C.E.P.E.C. has been very active towards European Institutions by presenting its positions regarding the issues that have an impact on the profession of Beauticians.
  • C.E.P.E.C. is a member of U.E.A.P.M.E. and participates in several committees (training, environment, social, tax etc) of the organisation and specifically in the cosmetic forum promoted by U.E.A.P.M.E..
  • C.E.P.E.C.  like all federation members is apolitical.


For more information about C.E.P.E.C. click here to read this PDF document